Thursday, 10 December 2009


A few pictures of my puddles at night time with spotlights.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


A collection of paintings inspired by the architechture of Rome, the idea of layers and converging archways.


For my Site and Installation module I made, and installed puddles into the University gallery.

Thanks to Donna for taking some of the photos.

Monday, 16 November 2009


I spend a month in Rome at the British School, i went all over the tourist places and some of the less seen too, i loveed the hot weather and the food (pizza and soya gelato) and meeting lots of new people, artist and students from all over the world.
A few pics from Rome, I took about 2000 photo's, these are a bit random but pretty.

Puddle Casting

Looking oh so confident on my mock presentation

For my Site and Installation module, I've taken to casting puddles. I'm trying to bring peoples attention to these very ephemeral things that happen completely by accident and by bringing them inside creating a new way of looking at puddles.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Reflections Exhibition 2009

An exhibtion of work by Claire Leach and myself at Queen Mary's College.

Fairfield's Women in the Arts 2009

Early 2009, I took part in the Fairfields Women in Arts Show

Here are some photo's of the exhibtion, showing other artists work.

My Painting Bridge below.